Information on meal plan signup can be found on the Residential, Commuter, and Faculty/Staff dining plan pages.

Requests for meal plan changes can be made at the Housing & Residential Life Office at 120 Ballard Hall, Moorhead, MN 56563.

Yes! Guest passes are available on our Unlimited Dining plans.

You can check if your meal plan is activated at any of our dining location cash registers, or by calling us at (218) 477-2836.

Commuter Plans are available for students who don't live in a resident hall.

Of course! Kise Commons accepts Dragon Dollars, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and cash payments. For pricing and information, please visit our Kise Commons page.

The Unlimited Dining Plan allows you to visit Kise Commons as many times as you like during normal operational hours. The Semester Block Plan allows you to visit Kise Commons limited to the number of meals you selected. Each entry will count as one meal. Dragon Dollars turn your Dragon Card into a debit card for use at any Dining Services venue. Guest Passes allow you to treat friends and/or family who don't have a meal plan to dine with you.

Of course! We can accommodate your requirements! For more information, please contact our Executive Chef, Chelsea Roberts at (218) 477-2836 or email.

If your Dragon Card is lost, damaged, or stolen, you may purchase a new one at the IT Help Desk for $10. You will need personal identification an your Dragon ID number in order to obtain a new card.

Dragon Dollars are a very popular way for students to make their food dollars go farther. Dragon Dollars turn your Dragon Card into a debit card for use at any of our dining locations. Whenever you make a purchase, the amount is subtracted from the account balance. As an extra benefit, purchases with Dragon Dollars are not subject to sales tax.

Dragon Dollar balances can easily be tracked online or any dining services location.

There are no cash limits, but do not put more on than you will spend. Dragon Dollars are required to be spent by Spring Commencement each academic year. Any leftover balance will be forfeited.