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Lexi Cournoyer is our District Registered Dietitian providing education and support throughout the Midwest. Lexi has a passion for preventative nutrition and focuses on helping students, employees, and the dining servicers staff develop a positive relationship with food. She also assists students with dietary restrictions ensuring they receive save, wholesome, and delicious meals in all of our dining services locations.

Her Services Include:

Food Allergy Management | Special Diet Accommodation Requests | Dining Hall Tours | Healthy Dorm Room Cooking Demonstrations | Nutrition and Wellness Presentations and Programming | Sports Nutrition Presentations | Education and Nutritional Guidance for College Students | Food Sample Events | Wellness Fairs

Do you have a nutrition or wellness related question? 

You can contact Lexi at,

Mindful Mondays

November.TurkeyDid you know the average American consumes 4,500 calories during their Thanksgiving feast? These recipe tips will keep the flavor and nutrition without the extra calories.

1. Try skim milk or 1% milk instead of half n' half - less saturated fat.

2. Try two egg whites instead of 1 whole egg - more protein, less saturated fat.

3. Try lemon or salt-free seasoning blends - less sodium, lots of flavor!

4. Try unsweetened applesauce instead of oil in your cake- more vitamins, more fiber.

Tip of the day from Sodexo Dietitian Kristen Chulada

Mindful Cooking


Turkey soupGet into the Thanksgiving spirit with this Turkey Rice Soup! This soup is jam packed with fresh vegetables, turkey breast, and delicious herbs such as thyme, sage, and parsley. Thyme is a nutritious and delicious herb, with both Vitamin C and A, which can help to boost your immune system! Find the recipe for this cozy soup below.

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Popcorn Recipe Video 

Ingredients: popcorn, seasoning, pan spray.

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