Tiers of Service:

Tier #1 “Shoestring”: These options are a limited menu but can be customized at the customer's request. They are typically customer-pickups which result in a lower customer cost but can also be a vendor-delivery. Primarily "Shoestring" Tier customers are student affairs groups, student organizations, or fundraisers for student benefits to receive a lower cost menu. You must meet certain criteria located at the top of the menu to be eligible. 

Tier #2 “SimplyTo-Go”: This is our baseline lowest price service that offers a less expensive way to have an Event. "Simply To-Go" Events are typically customer-pickups where the menu items are prepared in our Dining Hall Kitchen. The only service ware option provided is disposables. All essential items and supplies i.e. serving bowls, trays, beverage voids etc. are also picked up by the customer and it is their responsibility to return them to Sodexo in a timely manner. We will confirm with the customer the items return date and time. 

Tier #3 “Community Catering”: "Community Caterings" are delivery Events. We will bring all products to the location of the Event and set up the display while providing disposables for convenience. Once everything is set and we confirm all product and menu items are correct our catering staff will leave for the duration of the event. After the event has concluded, we will return to pick up all remaining items. 

Tier #4 “Flavours”: "Flavours" Events are primarily platted buffet lines or served meals that require full dining staff service throughout the duration of the event. These Events will include labor, and china fees that vary depending on the Event. For example, meals with multiple courses will typically have a larger labor charge than others. In this Tier we can also roll China and set at a buffet line as well to lower the cost per an individual guest. 

Tier #5 “Presidential”: A "Presidential" Event includes the highest level of service where the customer will be asked to have an in-person meeting with the Catering Manager in advance to ensure the menu and timelines are accurate. Presidential Events will have multiple staff members present during the duration of the Event. This ensures that we will be able to adjust as needed for these higher scale Events. Tastings are typical for this type of Event and we can customize all menu options. For example, the customer can choose what type of risotto, or cheese cake they specifically want rather than choosing from the menu.  

Tier #6 “Weddings”: This option is specifically for all weddings. In this Tier a contract is required to be signed by both customer and vendor to 100% confirm all necessary information i.e. dates, quantities, services etc. There also must be at 75% down payment for all weddings prior to them taking place. Tastings, full service, and china are standard. Options can be reduced to help each customer best meet their budget goals as well. For each wedding the bride and groom (preferably both) must meet at least once with the Catering Manager, but it is fairly regular that numerous meetings will take place.

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